Perfect Design.

In work there are two parallel bodies. The first is figurative and symbolic. One of the works feels that she expresses in a representative way the body of this work is the sculpture tafnit. This is a statue depicting the image of a glass shirt illuminated by a dynamic red and white light. We created the sculpture model from a shirt, which we added to folds of cloth and ornaments. The sculpture is made of two parts that were created in fusing, ie melting of glass surfaces onto a plaster-quartz mold.

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This work arose out of a vortex of years in which I tried to combine motherhood and career. The symbolism is that women wear clothes that are considered “delicate” with folds and accents, as opposed to career women, who wear clothes that mimic “masculine” clothes, with formal and tailored lines. From my point of view, the soft, round lines of the garment symbolize the mothers who crudely cut in sharp and straight lines – the career. This work emphasizes the question of the existence of these two types of femininity together.

Body of work

Another body of work is more formalistic and characterized by questions of color, shape, transparency and texture. For us, I examine the limits of matter and its physical ability on the one hand to imitate different textures and colorfulness in nature, as opposed to the creation of more artificial or decorative elements. This can be seen in works such as “vortex”, “amorphous yellow”, “reflection”, “encounter of contrasts” and more.